Questions and Answers from Precise Dent Repair of Tyler, Texas

You may have some or all of these questions after a hail storm hits!

Q: My car was just hit by hail in Tyler, Texas. What’s the first step?
A: Document the hail damage with clear photos in good lighting, capturing different angles of your vehicle. This is crucial for insurance claims and for our assessment at Precise Dent Repair. Avoid washing your car before taking these photos.

Q: Should I file an insurance claim for the hail damage?
A: Yes, for significant damage. Promptly contact your insurance provider to report the damage. Most comprehensive policies cover hail damage. We’re here to help you through the process and can liaise with your insurer.

Q: How does the insurance assessment work?
A: Your insurance will likely send an adjuster to inspect your vehicle to evaluate the damage and estimate repair costs. We at Precise Dent Repair work closely with adjusters to ensure your vehicle is thoroughly assessed.

Q: What repair methods are available, and how do they differ?
A: We specialize in Paintless Dent Repair (PDR), which is ideal for hail damage as it maintains your vehicle’s original paint and is typically quicker and more cost-effective than traditional methods. For severe damage, we also offer conventional repair solutions.

Q: How long will the repair process take?
A: The timeframe can vary. PDR can often be completed within a few days, while extensive repairs might take longer. We’ll give you a realistic timeline once we assess your vehicle.

Q: Will the repairs affect my car’s value?
A: Our PDR aims to restore your vehicle without affecting its factory finish, preserving its value. For repairs requiring traditional methods, we strive to closely match the original finish.

Q: What about my insurance deductible?
A: Hail damage repairs are subject to your policy’s deductible. We offer deductible assistance programs to help alleviate this burden. Contact us for more information.

Q: Can I choose Precise Dent Repair for my hail-damaged vehicle?
A: Yes, you have the right to select the repair shop of your choice. We work with all insurance companies and ensure a seamless repair process, backed by our satisfaction guarantee.

Q: What if additional hail damage is found during repairs?
A: It’s common to find more damage once repairs begin. We’ll inform you and your insurance, adjusting the repair strategy and claim as necessary.

Q: How can I protect my car from future hail storms?
A: We recommend using covered parking when hail is forecasted and considering hail protection covers. Stay alert to local weather warnings to take proactive measures.

Precise Dent Repair of Tyler, Texas

At Precise Dent Repair, we’re committed to expertly restoring your vehicle to its pre-storm condition with Precise and care. We understand the stress caused by hail damage and are dedicated to guiding you smoothly through the repair process.

Contact us today to schedule your assessment.

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